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Is there a charge to list items on SalvageMarket?

There is no charge to list! You'll pay a 15% fee to SalvageMarket when the item sells, but that's the only charge (no credit card fees, etc. )

Who pays for shipping?

Generally the buyer pays for shipping. Depending on the vendor and the item, shipping options are: local pick up, freight shipment for larger items, calculated USPS shipping, or flat rate shipping (rate set by the vendor.) This should be clearly listed when you're looking at an item to purchase. If you have questions, or it's not clear, please contact the vendor for clarification before purchase.

If I sell an item, how do I get paid?

When you list an item, you register your bank account with Stripe, our secure payment processor. Once you've sold an item and the transaction is completed (purchaser has received their item), payouts are distributed twice monthly, on the 15th and the 30th. For example, if your transaction is completed on the first of the month, you will receive a payout on the 15th. If your transaction completes on the 2nd, you'd receive your payout on the 30th.